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Scars To Your Beautiful

Last year, singer-songwriter, Alessia Cara released her third single, Scars To Your Beautiful. If you’ve never heard it, please come out from the rock you’ve been living under! Scars To Your Beautiful has such a positive, uplifting message for girls and women of all ages. It’s a nice contrast to so many other songs that degrade women and glorify their body parts, but never the woman as a whole.
In an interview with Lipstick.com, Alessia shares how overcoming her own struggles with hair loss helped to serve as inspiration for the song. Peaking Billboard’s charts at number 8, the chorus sings, “There’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark. You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are. And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart. No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful.”
Those lines alone, make for a perfect song. There are far too many girls out there that judge themselves against some made up standard of beauty that doesn’t exist. They’re  implanting and injecting themselves according to whatever the newest trend is. I’m all for people being happy with how they look, but happiness is only temporary, and I’m concerned about how those girls will feel about the way they’ve made themselves look once the trend has died. Will they go on in pursuit of the next hot thing, believing that their own look is now subpar? Or will they finally draw the line and say enough is enough?
I am extremely grateful to Alessia Cara for this song; which is well on its way to becoming a timeless classic, and I wish her much success on her future projects. I’ll definitely be keeping an ear out.


‘Tis the season to be shopping


The only thing I love more than shopping, is a great discount. There’s nothing like going to the register and paying less than what you expected to pay. The feeling of walking out of the store with both, money and a great buy is incomparable. When I find a great deal, I just have to tell everybody about it. Like most people, my favorite time to go shopping is after Thanksgiving. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to go shopping, in my opinion.
Unfortunately, there is a downside to all of the extra shopping and discounts that the holidays bring. There are people seeking another type of discount, the five-finger discount. Theft in stores usually spike during the holiday season. People will go to extraordinary lengths for discounts, from removing price tags and replacing them with tags from a less expensive item to stealing the items altogether. People have purposely damaged items just so they could get it at a cheaper price. Stealing is stealing whether something is taken without paying or it’s discounted because of dishonesty. Sometimes people feel like when they steal, they are not hurting anyone, but this is not true. Stealing hurts the stores that people steal from and it hurts the employees that work there. Stealing also hurts other consumers. Theft causes prices to go up, so consumers pay more. It also prevents employees from getting paid more. Stores lose money every time something is stolen.
Proverbs 20:14 tells us about a dishonest customer. It says, ” “It’s no good, it’s no good!” says the buyer; then goes off and boasts about the purchase.” Verse 17 goes on to provide this warning, “Food gained by fraud tastes sweet to a man, but he ends up with a mouth full of gravel.”
Not only does theft occur in stores, but it also happens in parking lots too. One way to prevent this is by not leaving your shopping bags and valuables exposed, and also by making sure you car is locked. Parking in well lit parking lots can also help keep you safe. Porch pirates have also become increasingly popular as people order more items online. There’s no fun in hunting for discounts and bargains if it’s just going to be stolen by someone else, so have fun shopping this holiday season, but be safe. Happy holidays! xoxo