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Group Effort


you destroyed me

Ripped bandages

From my open wounds

And dug into me

And dug mentally

And Intimately


What would be

the end of me

©Jocsalyn Janay 2018




Otherworldly and ethereal

Once the pain subsides

There’s nothing left to feel 

Waking up in this dismal daze

Fight the fog

subdue the haze

I guess its true

I’ve seen brighter days


nothing this surreal

Swallow my emotions

Life’s a happy meal

©Jocsalyn Janay 2018



You took my heart captive

And demanded a ransom

And I’ve been paying the price

Year after year

I’ve been praying to Christ

Hoping that He hears

I’m just saying my life

Is nothing but these tears

Bottled up inside

Toast to me


And they’re spilling now

Drowning everything

But there’s a way out

Promise everything

Is ok now

©Jocsalyn Janay 2017



Timeless as a rose
The story of you and I
It was as if time
itself had froze
The moment
you caught my eye
Oh cliché I know
But time and space
Don’t lie
You’ve been running
through my mind
I’ve been trying to
jog your memory
Chasing that silver lining
Hoping that you’d
remember me

©Jocsalyn Janay 2017