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They said beware of the burnout
But I like the flame
It keeps me warm when it’s cold out
I guess that makes me pro pain
And I feel that fire
It’s running through me
Racing through my vein
And if all we are is what we will be
Come quickly with the rain
©Jocsalyn Janay 2017


Katanu Kay

#Dreamland (Not for sale at the moment)

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I love art.  It doesn’t matter what form it’s in; music, fine art, dance, whatever. I just love it, and when I find something that speaks to me, I want more. That’s how I came across the work of Katanu Kay.

So I was sitting at home, feeding my Pinterest addiction, (yeah, it’s a real thing. I think.) when I came across a pin of a young woman standing beside a painting. The painting was of a lion with a mane made from beautiful African fabric called kitenge. Immediately, I was awestruck. So naturally, I took to Google to find out more about this amazing artist. I was even more impressed to find out that Katanu Kay is a 19 year old student in Kenya. She has over 5,000 followers on instagram, where she shares and sells her breathtaking paintings. Not only does Katanu paint beautiful images, but she also sculpts them. Needless to say, Katanu Kay is definitely an artist to watch out for, and at only 19 years of age, she has nothing but success ahead of her. Go girl go.

To see more of Katanu Kay’s work visit her instagram account @mellow_bones. Thanks for reading. Xoxo

Ripped from the journal


So today I woke up with tears in my eyes. I was just really frustrated about my situation and all and I knew that some time today I was gonna get that same lecture from mom about how I need another job because there’s no money coming in and blah, blah, blah. So as I looked in the closet to find something to slip on to take her to work. I didn’t feel like wearing jeans because it was pretty warm out, but I felt this nudging to put on my mint green top with my white pants and mint green shoes. At first I was like no, I wanna save that for when I go somewhere, but I couldn’t really decide on anything else that didn’t involve jeans so I got dressed and felt pretty. I just knew that for some reason by the time she got out the bathroom and I got in that she’d be rushing me so I went in to do my bun, and what do you know, she’s ready to go. So I finished up and grabbed my shoes and went to the car. That’s when the lecture started. I felt mocked and patronized about wanting to finish school. By the time I dropped her off I felt horrible and really just wanted to go home, but I needed a phone card so I went to target. Before leaving home I had that same nudging to go visit Stephanie but again at this time I just wanted to go back home because I felt so crappy. After leaving target that feeling was still there nudging me so I said okay I’ll just drive past to see if her car’s there and if not I’ll turn back and go home. I drive past and her car was there so I’m like okay I guess I gotta go in. So I do and see her around the corner; by the time I get there, she’s on her way back and sees me. We hug and say hi and she asks how k-mart’s going, and I’m like it’s aight (you know not really alright but ok). Then she says you wanna work here? jokingly I say yeah, and she’s like hold on. When she comes back she says sit down Peter’s gonna interview you! I was like what?! I pretty much got it he just needs to talk with Carlos about it. And of course I need a food card and pants, etc. But I listened to that still small voice nudging at me and look what happened. I love the way God sets me up. His timing is perfect.

About a Ballerina

In December, Misty Copeland was named one of Barbara Walters’ most fascinating people of 2015. There’s no doubt that she deserved it, she became American Ballet Theatre’s first African-American principal dancer. Misty is only ABT’s third African-American soloist, the first in twenty years.
The first time I’d ever heard of Misty Copeland, she was on the Arsenio Hall Show. After seeing her perform, I was captivated. Misty’s story of her rise to stardom despite adversity is very inspiring. Misty Copeland is not your average prima ballerina. She didn’t start dancing until she was thirteen years old. Most dancers would say she was already at least ten years behind. The odds were stacked against her. Misty has been told that she has the wrong body for ballet. At 5’2″ she is considered to be too short. She has been told that her legs are too muscular, and her chest, too large. Misty did not let these discouraging words become a stumbling block for her. Instead, they became a stepping stone. Misty Copeland is a prodigy.
Misty was introduced to ballet at the Boys & Girls Club in San Pedro by Cynthia Bradley, who taught a free class once a week. Soon, she began taking classes at the San Pedro Dance Center. By the time she was fourteen, Misty had won her first solo role and the national ballet contest. She mastered dancing en pointe in just three months as opposed to three years. In 1998, she won first place in the Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Awards. She then studied at the San Francisco Ballet for a six week workshop under a full scholarship. Misty became a member of ABT’s Studio Company in 2000, and a member of the corps de ballet a year later in 2001. By 2007, she was a soloist.
Misty is a perfect example of courage and determination. She was raised by a single mother, living in a motel with five siblings. She was an African-American studying an European art form. She was told she would never make it. She dared to dream and then she beat the odds.

Dear 15 Me


Above, is a link to a recent episode of my favorite talk show, The Real.  In this episode, the ladies sit down with #Dear15Me creator Dawn McCoy. She shares the story of how she started #Dear15Me and her ultimate goal to inspire girls all around the world. I was definitely inspired to write my own #Dear15Me. So here it is…

Dear 15 me,

The world can be a scary place, but there’s one thing you shouldn’t be afraid of: Failure. Failure is a part of life. It’s what makes us human. Just make sure that you fail-forward. Failure isn’t final, so don’t be afraid to take a chance on yourself. Follow your heart and try something new. You don’t need anybody’s validation. Try your best and whatever happens, just happens. It’s not the end of the world. Things may not always go the way you planned, but don’t give up on yourself. You’re allowed to make mistakes. Sometimes experience can be the best teacher.

What are some of the things you wish you could tell yourself at 15? Let me know in the comments below!

New year, new you?

new year

I’m not really into making new year resolutions, but I do try to set goals for myself periodically. It’s sort of like a resolution, but more attainable for me as opposed to creating a year-long resolution. It takes forty days to create a habbit, so if my goal requires repetitive action like working out or reading my bible daily, I’ll make sure that I’m absolutely able to commit at least forty days to my goal.

One of my biggest pet-peeves about myself is that I’m a procrastinator. Sometimes I will either forget or just put off whatever task I set out to do for another time. And other times I have to work around another person’s schedule. It’s not enough for me to simply say that I’m going to stop being a procrastinator. I actually have to do it. I try to start with small, simple tasks like cleaning out my closet. I’d been meaning to clean out my closet for the longest time now. This past week I actually made a point to get it done, and I got it did. I was able to separate the clothes that I haven’t worn in a while from the ones that I still wear. I packed them up and dropped them off at the Goodwill. I felt really good for a couple of reasons. One being that I was able to put the clothes to better than use sitting at the back of my closet. Another being that my closet is now more organized and accessible. Being able to accomplish such a trivial task as cleaning out my closet gives me motivation to keep it clean and also to tackle more goals.

Do you make new year’s resolutions? If so, what are some of the things you do to help keep yourself accountable for them? If you have a hard time keeping resolutions or accomplishing your goals, try starting small and working your way to the more challenging goals.