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There she goes again
another sacrifice
she’ll lose it all tonight
tears hang in her eyes
her throat burns
silent cries
there’s no turning back now
she’s committed
won’t hold it down
just a little bit
sings the choir in her head
they’re screaming encore
from the stands
red eyes and blurry vision
cooking white lies
in her kitchen
but her eyes will adjust
like the skies opened up
and she’ll rise
from the dust
© Jocsalyn Janay 2016


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If only

new original lily-girl with colorshe was wrapped in a lily
with sunshine in her eyes
and wind chimes in her hair
a storm was on the rise
but she didn’t care
and she was called idle
and lackadaisical too
but they didn’t know the things that she knew
so she went wherever
the stormy winds blew
shielding them from harm
if only they knew

© Jocsalyn Janay, 2016