Archive | February 2016

At the edge


standing at the edge trying to get a better  view
of another life that I once knew
I can hear them screaming, shouting
me too, me too, me too
innocence is lost. sincerity’s down the tube
my apologies to the boss for the attitude
patience is on vacation and joy’s gone too
how much further down till I get through to you
youth is wasted on the young
and  I’ve got time to kill
truth was a slip of the tongue
and my lips are sealed
duct tape and a cold case
no more secrets on my plate
I know, these mistakes can’t be erased
so I pray this sky is filled with grace
© Jocsalyn Janay, 2016


Marz Ferrer

I first heard the voice of Marz Ferrer featured on Andy Mineo’s “Never Land”. Her voice was so intriguing  that I had to hear more from her. I was overjoyed to find her EP, Grave Clothes and Wedding Garments. Not only does Marz have an amazing voice, but  she is also an incredible songwriter. She was introduced to songwriting as a young girl, when she began playing piano. You could say that music is in her genes. She was born to a father who was part of a Doo Wop group and a mother who sang backup for several Christian music artists. Marz Ferrer’s style is very unique, as she is an alternative artist with a hip-hop inspired sound. She’s covered Kanye West’s “Amazing” as well as Drake’s “Hotline Bling”.  Marz has been featured in songs by Thi’sl, Beautiful Eulogy, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. and  many others. Last year, MTV’s Finding Carter featured two songs from her latest EP, Blur. Her voice welcomes listeners to travel  with her as she touches on topics such as love, heartache, and faith. She is definitely one artist that I can listen to all day for hours and hours. With her “poetically transparent” writing, she hopes to create music that connects with her listeners, and point to something more than self. She seeks to bring hope to a world which lacks sincerity and is starving for authenticity. You can follow Marz on twitter @MarzFerrer