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I’m number 1 I can’t be number 2

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, we see it in our lives everyday from little league games at the park to the Olympics in Sochi. But what happens when competition is no longer friendly? Competition can easily turn into an obsession, driven by jealousy and greed. Girls have competed over who looks better in a swim suit, who can get the better grades in school, who has the cutest boyfriend and so on. However, this kind of competition is nothing new; it’s been going on since the beginning of time. The book of Genesis chapter 4 shows us how competition resulted in Cain killing his brother Abel because he offered a better sacrifice the Lord. If we look a little further in Genesis we see the story of Rachel and Leah. In chapter 30:8 Rachel says, ” I have had a great struggle with my sister and I have won.” Competition has even caused team members to focus on themselves rather than the team as a whole. Remember the saying, “there’s no “I” or “U” in team”? Apparently, Miriam didn’t get the memo. She began to speak badly about her brother’s wife because she was a cushite. It caused division between she, Aaron, and Moses; and she was punished with leprosy for seven days because of it. One last example shows how competition caused Athalia to murder her entire family (with the exception of one grandson who escaped), just so she could be queen.
When we compete in sports there is a winner and a loser, but what about when we compete in life? There will always be someone with a cuter outfit, better car, bigger house, or more money. If you are constantly comparing yourself to everybody, you will always come up short one way or another. Actually enjoying your life is a much better use of your time than obsessing over creating the appearance of a good time on Facebook and Instagram. Remember that you can’t take back what you say, so think before you speak. And pray for humility the next time you’re tempted to brag about your latest feat. There’s nothing wrong with sharing as long as your motives are pure.