What she would not say

If tears could speak

They would be heard

Enunciating every single word

They’d utter every swear

That ever crossed her mind

Calling you out on every lie

And when her words would fail

They would prevail

If tears could talk

They would parle

They’d say all things

That she would not say

© Jocsalyn Janay 2018


Enchanted Forest

You went running

through the forest

Picking flowers

And plucking petals

Wreaking havoc unbeknownst

So I offered up a sacrifice

The petals of a rose

But soon thereafter

A fight ensued

An awestruck sky

And a jealous moon

It seemed as though

Hell broke loose


Hearts seduced

By twinkling eyes

A hidden noose

©Jocsalyn Janay 2018

2018 ESPYS

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the 2018 ESPYS last Wednesday, you missed out. Women definitely  dominated in sports this year. First off, Danica Patrick became the first woman to ever host the show and she did an amazing job. I’m so happy that I got the chance witness this kind of history in person. It was truly a star studded event with athletes from every sport from football to ice skating.

Quick recap of some of the amazing wins:

Chloe Kim (@chloekim) took home not one, not two, but THREE awards! She won best female action sports athlete, best female athlete, and best U.S. female Olympian. Huge congrats to her. The USA Women’s Hockey defeats Canada, 2018 winter Olympics won for best game. Notre Dame’s Arike Ogunbowale (@arike_ogunbowale) won the Best Play award for her buzzer beater that won the NCAA women’s national title. BTW that was Arike’s 2nd buzzer beater within 48 hours! Absolutely incredible.


Notre Dame’s Women’s basketball team

The show didn’t end before announcing the recipients for the Arthur Ashe award for courage, which was presented to all of the survivors of the evil excuse for a human, disguised as a doctor. If you’re not familiar with the abuse of the US gymnasts, you can read my post about it here. I was shocked to see how many women filled the stage. The fact that this many women were being abused over 30 years, and no one stood up for them is still absolutely heartbreaking. Each and every one of those women deserved that award and I am so inspired by them and their story of survival and perseverance.


On stage: recipients of the Arthur Ashe Award for courage